Julie Care: Embracing Reality and Empowering Women

When we got the chance to collaborate with our pal Esther King on Julie Care’s emergency contraception spots, we couldn’t pass it up. Julie’s mission to change the way we talk about sex and contraception, combined with Esther’s incredible talent as a writer and director, made this project an absolute blast. The script’s tone was spot-on, bringing emergency contraception out from behind the “women’s only” curtain and injecting just the right amount of levity and authenticity.

Julie Care – Friends With Benefits

Let’s Get Real

One of the things we absolutely loved about Esther’s script was its ability to bring emergency contraception into the realm of everyday-ish conversations. No more secrets or shame – more like sarcasm and comedy – this script embraces reality… and we mean *really* embraces it, by making emergency contraception a normal, and can we all agree comedic, part of the dialogue. It empowers individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health without feeling judged or pressured.

Empowering Women, One Script at a Time

Women have shouldered the burden of managing this sort of *situation* for far too long, and preventing unwanted pregnancies has often been seen as their sole responsibility. But Esther’s script flips the script (pun intended). It recognizes the reality while empowering women to take control of their sexual and reproductive well-being. By ditching the shame and secrecy, the script sends a powerful message: women have agency and autonomy over their bodies, and they deserve support and respect when it comes to making choices.

Changing the Narrative

The collaboration between Esther and Julie Care goes beyond emergency contraception – it’s about changing the way we talk about reproductive health as a whole. Through clever dialogue and relatable (“My boyfriend doesn’t believe in elevators…?) scenarios, the script breaks down important information about emergency contraception in a friendly and approachable way. We can imagine many a text to a bestie mimicking the lines woven into this one. By bringing emergency contraception into the spotlight, the script challenges outdated beliefs and biases. It signals a collective effort to dismantle barriers, foster inclusivity, and provide access to vital information and resources without fear or judgment.

We don’t usually pick favorites, but for at least 30 minutes this morning, this spot was our favorite project ever. With a friendly tone and a touch of levity, Julie Care has normalized conversations about emergency contraception, empowered women, and created a more inclusive, informed and casual approach to sexual well-being. Bravo, we loved to be a part of it.

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