Veronica Belmont – Product Manager, Adobe

(We work with some pretty amazing people. They’ve been gracious enough to spend a few minutes answering some questions so you can get to know them like we do.)

Fave book, album, movie, TV show right now.
I just finished a quaran-binge of Schitt’s Creek (all 6 seasons) and it was absolutely delightful.  For books, there are too many to list! I do a book podcast (Sword & Laser) so I’m constantly reading, which is definitely a First World Problem. The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal was a recent favorite, as was The Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan.

App you’re addicted too.
Easy, Instagram and Reddit. I can’t believe how much time I spend on those, I can’t even look at that little report Apple makes for me every week, it’s too embarrassing.

Which comes first idea or brief?
How can you write a brief without an idea? This feels like a trick question.

What surprised you most about making a video? Why?
Mostly nothing, since I used to do that for a living. But I think I always forget how much space gear takes up, even in the room you’re shooting in. The shot is always so perfect, and yet there’s about 1000lbs of gear strewn about just out of sight of the lens.

What’s something agencies or production companies should avoid doing?
Listen to clients exactly. We have no idea what we’re talking about, seriously. Do what you do best.

Short form or long form? Or what is the perfect video length?
I’m a big fan of 30-1:30, but I will often watch long-form content on YouTube, so what do I know. For social media the rules are very different.

In early or work late?
Working from home has definitely changed my schedule a bit, but I’m still more of a morning person than a night person. I usually get on my laptop around 8:30am, try to bang out a bunch of emails or Slack messages, and then I’m typically in meetings until 4-5pm.

Three tips for making a great video.
1. Know what the goal of your video is before you start planning. Are you trying to get people to download your app? Learn something? Laugh and share?
2. Listen to the people who know what they’re doing (see above).
3. Make sure to grab footage you can share to social media, or teasers!

Do you call references or just look at work?
I have a weird aversion to the phone, so I look at work. It’s good to have an in-person meeting too, to make sure your personalities mesh well.

Do you get more nervous in a product meeting or on camera?
Hah! Depends on who is in the meeting. Fortunately, my on-camera life taught me a lot about controlling those kinds of nerves 🙂